About Us

St. Marguerite d’Youville parish is a Catholic Community of over 600 registered households; located at 85 Gloster Road NW, Lawrenceville, Georgia in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.  It is part of the Northeastern Denary of the Archdiocese.  St. Marguerite is a 25 years old Parish; and was bifurcated from St. John Neumann Catholic Church which is less than 6 miles away from our parish.

 The Salient Features of Our Parish

Eucharistic Community: where people can come to worship and adore the Eucharistic Lord; during day or night at their convenience. It is a great blessing and a wonderful privilege for anyone who wants to pray and worship anytime.

Community with Unity in Diversity: our parish has members from about 40 countries. We are all united as a single body in faith and worship in the midst of these cultural and ethnic differences and diversities. It is a special privilege that we are blessed with such a wonderful diversity. It is, certainly the true face of the Catholic/Universal Church that we live in this parish.

Community of Volunteers: we are a community that upholds the value of volunteering for others especially in our church and its activities. Our parishioners dedicate their time, talents, and treasure for the community to make it an active parish where we can live our faith in love and joy.

Community of “One Body and One Faith”: we are one in faith, one in worship, one in spirit, and one in life, which is our trademark as Catholic Christians.

Our Mission!

St. Marguerite d’ Youville Catholic Church intends to create a second home for God’s people of all Nations, Races and Cultures by fostering ownership, leadership, stewardship and fellowship, by focusing on the Holy Eucharist and following the spirituality of St. Marguerite d’ Youville, the Mother of Universal Charity, and St. Francis de Sales, the Gentleman Saint.

Our Vision!

St. Marguerite d’ Youville Catholic Church strives to create a living, loving, vibrant, and Eucharistic Community of God’s people, by creating a Second Home for all people who participate in our faith.

Make your Spiritual Journey a Living, Loving, Vibrant and Eucharistic Experience!