We have 20 dedicated Ushers.  We use 3-4 Ushers for each of our 3 weekend masses.  There are a good range of ages starting at 18 years old to many retired seniors.  We have 5 females and 15 males.  Duties range from 1) Collection of Offerings, 2) Directing Organized receiving of Communion by the Parishioners, 3) Finding seats for the Parishioners, 4) Helping anyone who requires extra assistance during Mass and 5) Sanitizing the Pews after the Mass.

Each Usher is the face of the Parish and thus carries herself or himself with dignity.  Our goal is to help put every Parishioner in an atmosphere in which to get the most spirituality of the Mass.  We are a proud group – but are always looking for more Ushers to help carry our message.

If you would like to become part of the Ushers Ministry, please contact Peter Nkereuwem of the Usher Ministry at St. Marguerite d’Youville Parish, at 770-381-7337, or email at admin@stmdy.org.