The Feast of Our Patron Saint
August 31, 2022
Jesus is the Light that destroys darkness
January 22, 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023. May the Celebration of Christmas bring peace, joy, happiness, hope, faith, love, and wellness of body, mind, and spirit into our lives. May 2023 bring all we need to live like God’s children here.

Christmas is also a time to thank God for sharing the gift of His only Son with us. It is also a time to thank one another, especially those who had been with us and for us, especially our parents, siblings, other family members, friends, coworkers, well wishes, benefactors, Church family members, and all those who are around us. I wish to thank each of you for your faith and your presence here at St. Marguerite. Each of you is a blessing, and I am very much thankful to the Lord and you for what you are to this Parish Family. I do very much appreciate all of you for your dedication and commitment. Let us work together as a team to build up God’s kingdom and our second home here at St. Marguerite Parish.

I would like to share with you some latest updates about our parish:

Preschool: Our preschool has a separate website, email, and phone number.
Name: Academy for Little lambs; Website:, Email:, Phone: 470-550-1088. Now we are looking for a director for our preschool. If you know of someone, please ask them to apply.

Social Hall: We have completed our expected renovation works inside our Church. The next phase is to do some renovation work inside our Social Hall. The plan is to make the social hall a banquet hall by making some changes to suit our plan. The planning is underway. We expect to finish the work before Lent 2023.

TVs in the Class Room: We have purchased 11 TVs to installing in every classroom. They will be installed after the holidays. All the TV are sponsored and I want to thank every sponsor for their generosity.

Ministry Head’s Meeting: You believe it or not, though we are a small parish, we have 50 miniseries, including both small and large. We have scheduled a meeting of all the heads of the ministries for Saturday, January 7, 2023, at 11.00 am in the social hall. Please mark your calendar to attend this important meeting.

Inviting New members to Parish Council, Finance Council, and Stewardship Council: We need to add new members to these councils. If you are interested in serving in any of them, please call the office or let me know at your convenience.

Stay Tuned for the following:

Valentin’s day Dinner and Dance: Our parish plans to have Valentine’s day dinner and dance on a Saturday in February. We will let you know about the date later, depending on the completion of renovation work in the Social Hall.

Our Famous Lenten Fish Fry: Knights of Columbus of our Council is planning to have the fish fry beginning from Lent 2023.
St. Marguerite Parish Revival Program: Our parish is planning for some Revival programs in our parish beginning with Lent 2023. We will let you know more details as we come closer. Thank you all again, and May God bless you all.

Fr. Tomy J. Puliyan, MSFS

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